What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysis is the process of systematically applying statistical and/or logical techniques to describe and illustrate, condense and recap, and evaluate data. 


In nearly every part of the modern world data analysis has an important role to play: whether you are in business, playing sport, managing your household finance, looking at buying a car or house, et cetera et cetera.



At NAPES Solutions, we employ data analysis techniques for our business and government customers typically for use in decision making and reporting.


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Picture of Nicole Andrews

Nicole Andrews

Nicole has been providing value to Australian companies and government for over 20 years. A mechanical engineer by degree, Nicole cut her teeth in the marine engineering field where she got the opportunity to maintain one of her favourite machines – the gas turbine. In 2003, Nicole decided to consolidate her mechanical engineering training with design in a large industry project. Once consolidated she then worked on growing her maintenance engineering experience to other areas of asset management, logistics engineering and information systems. With this foundation of knowledge and experience, she then went into business for herself as a professional consultant and ultimately led to NAPES Solutions being created in 2014.

Over her career, Nicole has worked hard to add value in development of new contracts (acquisition and support), establishing support arrangements, determining supportability needs, advice in life cycle engineering and sustainable manufacturing (including disposal), development of and review of engineering changes, establishing and auditing configuration baselines, development and implementation of various information systems (maintenance, configuration, inventory, financial etc), studies and reports including reliability based (such as spares analysis) and data analysis based, development of and conduct of and review of training, development of and review of technical publications, and much more.

Throughout these 20 plus years, Nicole has been driven by the desire to minimise waste and maximise value. This has led to her signature 3 pillars of enduring, support and sustainable.